I’ve been planning a navy polka dot New Look 6000 for yonks! And now I have it…

DSCF4230cI made a New Look 6000 last year, as part of Scruffy Badger‘s polka dot challenge but it wasn’t properly dotty, and this was the dress in my head!

I decided to make quite a plain version, without collar and swooshy waist pleats options, but I hope it does have some style in its plainness. (But it maybe does need to belt or brooch action to lift it!)DSCF4247cI didn’t put the cuffs on the sleeves, but looking at these photos, I think because of that they may need narrowing slightly. I’ll see once I’ve worn it properly… Can you tell I’m trying to avoid the unpicking!

It’s a stretch cotton sateen, and has this inside!

DSCF4248cIt’s a hot pink in real life, and is that acetate lining that I don’t like so much (and its clickety-click noise when sewn), but it was all I could find in that colour without delaying the dotty dress even further! I decided not to line the sleeves, and this means that I can probably make the sleeves narrower due to the stretch in the cotton. (I see that unpicking coming my way…!) I just turned over and top-stitched the lining to the sleevehead seam allowance.

It was the first time I have pinked as a seam finish, so I’ll be interested to see how it takes to going through a washing machine!

DSCF4234cI’m happy I’ve finally got my dotty dress!