Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so goes the old saying, and I’m all about imitating the lovely Miss Dibs in this make!

DSCF4311cIt’s a McCall’s cowl neck dress (M6752), but extended to make it a maxi, a la Dibs here.

Quite an easy pattern, and quick to run up. Just had to stop and think about the self-faced cowl, but that’s only cos I forgot to slash it at the start.

I cut a 14 – just a week or so after I bought some size 8 jeans in the Phase Eight sale. Why can we not just have real-life inches or, when sewing, numbers that just relate to their being a smallest to biggest size printed on the pattern (eg 1 to 6)?! I’m not normally a UK size 8 or US 14, so it’s a confusing and slightly annoying pointless nonsense… *Rant ends*

I just made one fitting alteration to keep the top a wee big more snug on my lower ribs before scooping out to the kimono sleeve. I thought this was a bit more flattering to my shape, as the top is really quite flouncy.


new cutting line in pink…

This pattern, strictly speaking, needs me to add an inch in the bodice length, but I knew this fabric was heavy, and with a maxi skirt I knew it would weigh it down to put it in the right place! Must remember to extend if I use it in lighter fabric though.

This fabric is so lovely! It’s from my favourite roll-end shop (£2 pm! Bargain!), and is a weird combo of knit and woven, which means it frays quite a bit, so I did have to finish the seam edges. But I just zigzagged them. (Oh, I do want an overlocker…)

fabricSo, that was my first finish of 2014, and a pretty-much immediate blog post (its coat-hanger premier was on twitter last night…!). I can’t promise such a quick turnaround usually, but I do have several unblogged makes, so maybe today is the day for a photo sesh!

I’m really happy with it, the weight of fabric makes it surprisingly warm. It’s a short-step dress though- I got the last of the fabric and it had a random cut across the bottom, which can be the way with roll-ends, so the skirt hem is a couple of inches snugger than ideal, but I can wiggle along😉