This coat has been a long time coming!


(Apols for not-so-good photeys, the weather is just so horrid here that the light is rubbish indoors!)

It started with a pattern picked up at the Goldhawk Rd meet-up and swap at the back end of the summer. (Oh summer, how I miss thee, even with nice new coats to wear!)

The meet up was quite big, so the swap was a mystery free-for-all (but polite!), and some clever lady has already done an FBA for me on this pattern – you are awesome, lovely mysterious seamstress!

6006I made version A, but without the belt. I also put the pockets in as instructed, I do like a pocket in my coats, but they go in the side seams, and when I tried it on for a fitting I felt like I was dislocating my shoulders to get my hands back in there, so out they came. I do miss them though. If you are making this, I’d consider reshaping the pockets and maybe whacking them into the princess seam instead – that feels like it’d be a more natural place for them.

The artwork for A makes it look like it’s double-breasted, but it isn’t really!

I had a panic right at the start of the make, which (along with Chrimbo and illness) is one of the reasons it’s taken me nearly two months to finish. I bought only 2m of this fake melton fabric from my favourite roll-end shop, and, of course, for a coat this length you need more… Numpty. And I didn’t notice until all was cut out, as I’d forgotten that you need four fronts on a coat as two are used for facings. Facings are often hidden, but on a coat there they are wafting about in the wind for the world to see! I just knew that the shop wouldn’t have any more (they have a quick turnover on stuff this gorgeous), but I did go back to see. And then I had to get creative!

I bought some camel-coloured fake melton online from The Remnant House and cut a facing from that, and also used it to interface the collar, as I wanted to make sure the funnel neck had the strength to stand.

DSCF4330cI was originally going to have a contrast lining, but instead I bought some new, much more matchy lining (also from Remnant House), and covered the camel facing with that. So I had a new facing in the right weight but with the right colour showing.

It’s not ideal, but is OK.

DSCF4340cStill a wee bit visible when done up, but I can live with it.

DSCF4336c The coat is fully bagged. This is pretty easy, though you can get in a tangle if you don’t concentrate! Two really good tutes for bagging are Jen‘s and Sherry‘s.

I’m a bit concerned about the strength of this lining, it was very very fray-ey and “pulls” quite easily (see that run in the upper back). And the needleholes are already showing in the stress points. And I didn’t put a pleat in the back lining. Derp. Keep my fingers crossed for no riiiiiipppp noises, then.

DSCF4341cBoth fabrics are really hard to get a decent press in too! (Look at the state of that! Good job it’s normally inside!)

But I wore it today, and it was toasty warm. Even outside of the flat!๐Ÿ˜‰