It’s so cosy!!

DSCF4355cThis pattern is a rub-off of a heavy knitted batwing cardigan/jacket with a roll-over neckline that I got at Top Shop about five years ago. The cardi has a short season I can wear it in though…

So when “teddy bear” coats became popular, I remembered the fluffy velvety furry stash fabric I got the other year (!! You know how it is…!) in Walthamstow as its intended use as a lining for a long black coat is clearly not happening. And carpe diem etc! A plot was hatched!

DSCF4356cBut its intended use as lining is still happening – what you see here is doubled cosiness: it’s self lined!

The original cardi version has some buttons on the neckline, but buttonholes in this fabric?! No thank you! So it does up with eight jumbo 21mm poppers.

IMG_0706cWhich was a bit of a chore. Six holes to sew, times sixteen. Black thread on black poppers on black furry fabric, and in diminishing daylight? And only when I got to the end did I spot what you can see in the photo: they could have been put on all the same way with the centre wires. But that’s just pernickety!

If you want to make one of your own, be aware that your house will look like there has been a teddy-bear massacre! I cut it out on a cream carpet, and wherever you cut, fluff falls. And lots of it! And then you pick up the pieces and more falls. Like “is it falling apart?!” more. But then it stops!

When I vacuumed, I felt like I was on a shopping channel, nice clean stripe throughout the mess!

But oooohhh, so cosy!