Hey! It’s me! It’s been an age, but I’ve been sewing.

You will probably know this, but for those that don’t, the lovely Roisin is getting married and, as a gift, Sarah has created a celebration where we sew a dress in the style of Roisin (aka Dolly Clackett).

And here is mine:


This dress was made quite literally months ago, in fact, Roisin saw it in person when Busy Lizzie in Brizzy came to town, and we welcomed her in Soho as is generally the Spoolettes way – with cocktails! So, with a Kir Royale in hand, I was really taking on the Dolly Clackett vibe!

It’s also been taken to Paris… a work conference on my birthday (boo!) that I ran on into the weekend (yay!), so to la Tour Eiffel it went…


Very Roisin… this dress is like the red shoes, non-stop Dolly Clacketting all over the world…

It’s a really nice fabric, a bit of a light wooliness, with some metallic ribbon woven through.


I made the worst handsewn french tacks/chains for belt loops, but they are doing what they are supposed to, and so they are just fine, thanks very much. (I did just read about machining them on Coletterie, so I might do that next time…)


The pattern is pretty much the strapless wonder of my rosy number, Simplicity Amazing Fit 1606, and I just blended that into the shoulders and sleeves of New Look 6000, which I’ve already fitted. So we have princess seams on the front, darts on the back, and a half circle skirt at front with two quarters on the back. I can’t be doing with buying a new pattern, when all it needs is a little tweak to one I know already fits!


And these skirts… they make me feel so girly! All twirly!


I hope you have a lovely wedding day and honeymoon en Pareee, Roisin and Nic!